Migrants, Refugees & Displaced Communities

Lose Yourself

Giulia ZennaroCzech Repubblic - 10.22 min

Rose is a 25 years old girl activist who believes that fighting for other people rights is a duty, as their parents – sons of 68’ revolution - taught her. Today the battle in which she is involved to is the reception of refugees. However, this time, her beliefs has to face a dilemma: will she accept a lift from two African guys during the night? This is tragicomic road movie into stereotypes.

Giulia Zennaro

She was born in Chioggia - in the middle of the Venice lagoon - in 1990. Like the waves she went back and forward from the town. The Master degree in Philosophy took her from Chioggia to Venice, then to Padua and finally to Brussels. All this travelling around allowed her to listen and appreciate many stories. After that she worked as a journalist in a Tv channel in Milan, where she realized the fusion between images and words is what interests her the most. Especially nowadays, when the power of images has assumed an essential role (substantial at times) in our society. That is why she moved to Prague to study filmmaking at the Prague Film School together with people from different cultures both very similar and distant from hers. It has been extremely beautiful and important to understand how the medium - cinema - can set us off thinking and asking ourselves questions, helping us to understand something more about our individuality and the reality surrounding us.