VISIONI URBANE / URBAN VISIONS. Beyond the Ideal City is an independent film festival which investigates the complexity of the contemporary urban dimension, exploring the connections, intersections and activities that take place in our cities, seen through the complex interweaving of social practices, cultural contexts and human geographies, beyond the stereotypes and widespread consumerist images, with particular reference to the multiple and changing expressions of public life.

It is promoted by the Italian non-profit cultural association City Space Architecture, it is part of "A-Place. Linking places through networked artistic practices", and is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

First edition (2020 – postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic) > 22-25 April 2021

Second edition (2021) > 11-14 November 2021

Third edition (2022) > 24-27 November 2022

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City Space Architecture is a non-profit cultural association established in 2013 and based in Bologna, Italy. Its mission is to promote public space culture, through an interdisciplinary approach, involving art and architecture. City Space Architecture advocates a general awareness on public space and urbanity in the contemporary culture, focusing on a shared vision of our common livable future. It works on education, academic research, and innovative, human-oriented design. Through a global community of scholars, academic professors, city managers, professionals, designers, artists and citizens, and a vast volunteer base of people at the highest levels in several countries, City Space Architecture fosters a critical reflection on our own world, in a multidisciplinary field of action.

A-Place is a project co-financed by the Creative Europe programme (2019-2023), dedicated to strengthening the bonds between people and places, taking place over in six European cities: Barcelona, Bologna, Brussels, Lisbon, Ljubljana, and Nicosia. A-Place is a platform for creation, debate and experimentation about the sense of belonging and identity which groups from multiple backgrounds and cultures hold with in their social and physical environments. Through site-specific art, creative spatial practises and cultural projects, A-Place aims to engage a variety of stakeholders -residents, artists, architects, students, policy-makers - in a process of reflection through action about the meaning of and value of creating places.



Luisa Bravo, City Space Architecture, Italy

Assistant curator (first edition):

Giulia Gualtieri, City Space Architecture, Italy

Organizing team at SMK Factory:

Andrea Paco Mariani

Marta Melina

Noemi di Giacomo

JURIES (alphabetical order)

First edition (22-25 April 2021)

Maria Irene Aparicio, NOVA Lisbon, Portugal

Gloria Aura Bortolini, journalist and film-maker, Italy

Simone D’Antonio, ANCI – National Association of Italian Municipalities, Italy

Rossella Ferorelli, small, Italy

Colin Fournier, UCL Bartlett, United Kingdom [guest artist and curator]

Leandro Madrazo, La Salle Barcelona, Spain

Patricia Pereira, NOVA Lisbon, Portugal

Romina Peritore, Ecomuseo Casilino ad Duas Lauros, Italy

Rosaura Romero, KU Leuven, Belgium

Victoria Sacco, Loop Barcelona, Spain

Ruben Verdu, Loop Barcelona, Spain

Second edition (11-14 November 2021)

Taher Abdel-Ghani, Film-maker and urban researcher, Egypt

Prisca Arosio, Melita Studio, Netherlands

Nadia Cortes Quenguan, Externado University of Colombia, Colombia

Nicholas Loder, Chair of New South Wales Branch Committee of the Australasian Housing Institute, Australia 

Romina Peritore, Ecomuseo Casilino ad Duas Lauros, Italy

Zoran Poposki, The Education University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Harikrishnan Sasikumar, Dublin City University, Ireland

Jacek Ludwig Scarso, London Metropolitan University, United Kingdom

Vija Viese, ID-up Urbanisme Paysage, France

Third edition (24-27 November 2022)

Lamia A. Abdelfattah, Systematica, Italy

Prisca Arosio, Melita Studio, Netherlands

Bruna Bajramovic, e-design, Japan

Claire Edwards, New South Wales Branch Play Australia, Australia  

Vanessa Gordon, New South Wales Department of Planning, Australia

Michelle Pannone, University of Marywood, United States of America

Zoran Poposki, The Education University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Emerson Radisich, M16 Artspace, Australia

Jacek Ludwig Scarso, London Metropolitan University, United Kingdom

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Davide Ficarola


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