Migrants, Refugees & Displaced Communities

J’étais un enfant qu’on voyait pas (I was an Invisible Child)

Daniela WildiSwitzerland - 25.21 min

In Switzerland, tens of thousands of children, adolescents and adults, were placed in foster care or admitted to closed institutions, despite their innocence. The exploitation and violence, both physical and emotional, experienced by foster children, left a severe impact on many which accompanied them for life.
The documentary J'étais un enfant qu'on ne voyait pas by Daniela Wildi reports on a repressed chapter in Swiss social history from the perspective of those affected. Four people speak about their experiences before, during and after the placement.

Daniela Wildi

Her documentary was part of her Matriculation Project at Kantonsschule Wohlen, Switzerland. Since Autumn 2020 she studies International Relations and Law at the University of Geneva.