Migrants, Refugees & Displaced Communities


Zehra YİĞİTTurkey - 19 min

The film focuses on undocumented male Afghan migrants, who are living in illegal housing (gecekondu) in the holiday paradise of Turkey, Antalya. The characters are aged between 15 to 25 and they all are working on recycling of paper and plastics. While cleaning the city and participating in the recycling of waste, they themselves are seen as the “wastes” of the paradise. They try to save money from recycling and send some to Afghanistan where their families live. Meanwhile, they live as a family at the suburbs of the city. They gather at home, eating together and sometimes playing cricket at the weekends.


He is an Associate Professor at Akdeniz University. His doctoral degree is on cinema. His work primarly focuses on sociology of cinema; particularly migration, women, and city.