Come a Mìcono (Like in Mykono)

Alessandro PorzioItaly - 15 min
Dalle 8:00 dell'11 novembre alla mezzanotte del 14 novembre

In a small town in Southern Italy, now inhabited only by elderly citizens, a visionary Mayor has an idea to defeat depopulation: a video to promote his town as a tourist destination, following the Greek example.

Alessandro Porzio is a director and screenwriter. Since 2008 he has directed numerous music videos, commercials (such as Loacker, Thun) and successful short films. "Rumore Bianco", nominated for Nastri d’Argento 2013, has won major awards including Best Film at the Mostra del Cinema Italiano in Barcelona and the Jury Award at Bif&st Bari Int. Film Festival. In 2014 he directed "Niente", with Filippo Gili and Vanessa Scalera, and in 2015 he directed the international project "Mido": a four dimensional video installation commissioned by Expo 2015. "Mattia sa Volare (Mattia can fly)" (2016) was in competition at Clermont-Ferrand Int. Short Film Festival 2017 and Giffoni Film Festival. "Valzer" (2016), co-directed with Giulio Mastromauro, was selected at Tirana Film Festival and Flickers' Rhode Island Int. Film Festival. "Come a Mìcono (Like in Mykono)" (2020), his latest short film, is a world premiere at Alice nella Città within the Mostra del Cinema di Roma.