Performing the urban

WECreate Spaces – Limerick

Ana Baer, Heike SalzerIreland - 03.16 min

WECreate Spaces - Limerick is a poetic visual portrait of the historic city of Limerick. Bodies and costume merge with the materials and shapes, resonating the textural and rhythmic layers of the urban landscapes. The work suggests an embodied ethnographic view of the local, drawing on the visceral ability of the artists to capture ephemeral sensibilities through their presence. This montage highlights echoes of the now along with fragments of the past, revealing the stories that are engrained in the desecrated architecture and felt through the movements of the people of the city.

WECreate Productions is the transcontinental company of screendance artists Ana Baer (MX/US) and Heike Salzer (GER/UK). Committed to exploring the possibilities of digital technology in service of collaborative art creation, they produce site-specific interdisciplinary works inspired by their shared fascination of extreme landscapes, place and narratives of sites. By engaging with environments in visceral dialogues, placing the body at the centre of the sensations, their poetic works capture the atmosphere of sites, and offer experiential embodied accounts of the places encountered.