Living the urban

Solemn Hour

XING TongHong Kong - 17.22 min

The film runs through the raving of a female voice reading a poem which was written by Rainer Maria Rilke. A voice of a man is interspersed between the image and the poem, which serve as a footnote to this film. Images of Xinjiang, Tibet, Shenzhen and Hong Kong cross over, but the author spends most of his time in Hong Kong. He records his memories of Hong Kong : explorer lost in Hong Kong, beggars in the street,desolate cemetery, demonstrators who roamed the city, eclipse watcher and children playing on the beach in the cemetery. The author uses images to show his concern for the current situation in Hong Kong, and his reflections on reality and memory.

XING Tong is a graduate student of City University of Hong kong, working primarily with script writing and documentary production. His work explores the relationships between abstraction and politics, sound and image,poetry and truth, reality and illusion.