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Presentazione dei partners A-Place (inglese)
Screen Projects (Loop Festival, Barcellona) e Urban Gorillas (Pame Kaimakli Festival, Nicosia)

LOOP is a platform dedicated to the study and promotion of the moving image.
Founded in 2003, since its creation it offers a specialised audience a curated selection of video-related contents from challenging perspectives. While teaming up with an international community of artists, curators, gallerists, collectors and institution directors to develop projects which aim at exploring the capacities of video and film in today’s contemporary art discourses, it yearly hosts LOOP Barcelona, a special meeting point that unfolds into three main sections.
Respectively, the Fair is a selection of contemporary artists films and videos presented by international galleries in a unique viewing experience; the Festival, a series of proposals related with moving image creation in the form of exhibitions, screenings and live performances around the city; and the Studies, a series of talks, workshops and professional meetings that foster the recognition and appreciation of video and film.
Throughout the year LOOP undertakes projects that develop in collaboration with leading international agents and materialize in different formats and locations, from commissions to touring exhibitions in leading venues, conferences and film programmes, among others.
Our concern for video steers in the direction of providing visibility, encouraging encounters, producing knowledge and works, and supporting the market. Furthermore, it has been the driving force behind the construction of our video collection, yearly enriched through selected works presented at LOOP Fair, and later lent to the MACBA.

Pame Kaimakli is a neighbourhood festival launched in 2013 by the residents of the Kaimakli district in Nicosia (Cyprus) and Urban Gorillas. From a series of ad-hoc informal events that were taking place in the private houses of the neighbours, the Festival has grown into a well-known event, welcoming acclaimed artists; it became a cross-disciplinary place where local meets global. It is an annual community event that aims to explore ideas of publicness, co-creation and community engagement through creative interventions with the collaboration of residents and artists.

European Network of Festivals in Architecture and Urbanism
Tavola rotonda, moderata da Luisa Bravo (inglese)
Levente Polyak, Eutropian, Budapest
Marlene Rutzendorfer, Wonderland, Austria
Jeroen Laven, Placemaking Europe, Netherlands

Eutropian is a planning, policy and research organisation helping urban regeneration processes. We work with municipalities, NGOs, community groups and EU institutions in participatory planning, policy development as well as in fundraising, cooperations and communication. We are specialised in urban regeneration, cultural development, community participation, local economic development and social innovation, with a special focus on building development scenarios on existing resources. Eutropian offers international know-how for inclusive and sustainable urban regeneration projects.

Since 2002 Wonderland shares content, promotes emerging architects and initiates relevant projects. The results are published or shared through lectures with the interested audience.

Placemaking Europe is the network for placemaking in Europe, connecting practitioners, academics, community leaders, market actors and policy makers throughout Europe in the field of placemaking, public space, social life, human scale and the city at eye level.
We develop and share knowledge; develop, test and use tools; exchange ideas; and actively shape projects together. We support and collaborate with organisations who want to work on placemaking, social life, human scale, and a better eye level experience.


Lancio della seconda (2021) e terza edizione (2022) del Festival Visioni Urbane
Collaborazione con Ecomuseo Casilino per Karavan Festival, 15-20 giugno 2021

Inaugurazione del Museo Spazio Pubblico a Bologna con Flavio Favelli (14 maggio)