A Confined Urban Vision

Instant Dreamscapes In Isolation

Adele Mary ReedUnited Kingdom - 03.59 min

Instant Dreamscapes in Isolation is a collection of instant photography and audio field recordings of places explored whilst cycling at the start of the pandemic. Without places to go, people to meet, former conceptualisations of time widened, loosened and broke down. A meditative collage of organic sound and washed out visuals conjuring a dreamlike tone generated a reflection of the streets, uncanny in their emptiness. With photographic film labs closed, ‘instant dreamscapes’ were created in a more immediate way - congruent with how as a society we had to live - in the moment, with greater future unknowns. The film was funded by The Tin Music & Arts and The Pod, Coventry’s DIALOGUE partnership and in March 2021 was acquired for the Twenty Twenty Collection, The New Art Gallery Walsall, UK. Italian subtitles by Marcia Jacqueline Myrie.

Adele Mary Reed

She has been experimenting with diaristic practices and methods of documentation to reflect upon the human experience within social contexts and place since she was a child. Through her work with video she explores urban imagery, sense of belonging, and personal identity within the city. Her most common focus is with using analogue film with which she prolifically documents her explorations of the places she finds herself in, namely the city of Coventry where she lives with her daughter. Adele’s work seeks to playfully highlight, maintain, introduce or restore the inconspicuous beauty within moments and objects occurring during day-to-day life with particular interests in archiving, walking, plant-life, stillness, balance and topographical themes.