Alessandro IngariaItaly - 28.39 min
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Heimat narrates migration as a human experience of subversion of the socio-relational and spatial matrices of origin. Because migrating to another country implies a wealth of memories to be re-placed in a new space, in which to live, configuring new psycho-spatial maps of one's experiences. Living in a new country is a mixture of memories, different languages, more or less cut roots, the need for protection and a family. Going through change - intrinsic to migration - in the name of an existential path that can be defined as vital only if it involves the acceptance of loss and the creation of new places of the heart in which to smile, face one's fears, shed tears for the past and generate dreams of the future.

Alessandro Ingaria

Director of documentaries and short movies with contamination by video-art. Head of social projects and asylum seeker hospitality projects. Mayor of small municipality in Italy. He works with a strong vocation for human rights and anthropology approach.