Gypsum Concrete

Simon PenochetFrance - 07 min
In streaming from November 24th at 17 p.m. until December 4th at midnight

At a time when we are re-examining our manufacturing methods to find more virtuous and less carbon-intensive solutions, the architects from Ciguë are studying the potential of endemic materials.
Their research proposes to explore the possible use of plaster in the manufacture of screed instead of cement, responsible for nearly 30.3% of CO2 emissions in the building sector. Their study also intends to demonstrate the qualities of plaster as a binder capable of replacing natural aggregates, sand and gravel whose reserves are running out, with building rubble: bricks, tiles or crushed concrete...

Simon Penochet

Originally from the south of France, Simon graduated from a Parisian film school.
He captures with emotion portraits of passionate women and men combining a neat image with an intimate approach to his subject.
Calm and precise, he is comfortable with various profiles. His multiple experiences have led him to film chefs as well as craftsmen, artists or Tibetan monks.
He knows how to tell a story with a subtle approach while adapting to the most varied universes.
His work adopts a singular approach mixing a writing of reality influenced by the documentary and a cinematographic image.