Migrants, Refugees & Displaced Communities


Daniela DíazVenezuela - 10 min

Absence account tells three stories that come together. Marta, a mother who lost her only child and has not been able to overcome her loss. Alfredo, a grandfather with Alzheimer's who struggles not to forget the most important thing in his life, his family. And Luis a young man who wishes to migrate from the country, for which he must part with his grandfather, in search of a better future. Everyone feels tied to his family and his memories; and they must leave them behind in order to continue with their lives.

Daniela Alejandra del Valle Díaz León

24 years old, was born in the city of Caracas, Venezuela, and currently lives in Mérida, where she studied Audiovisual Media with a mention in Direction. She has made 4 short films as director, Insomnio in 2015, Terra nova in 2016, La voz de Amanda in 2017 and Absencia in 2020, the latter being her graduate thesis. Additionally, he has collaborated in academic shorts as assistant director, script, general production and field production.